Running Errands While Cute and Comfy

Running errands while cute and comfy don’t always go hand in hand.  At least not for me since I always prefer comfy over cute any day.  Thankfully, yesterday was a pretty nice day in NYC and I was able to get it all done.  I had to get to the post office and to a UPS store to both return and pick up packages, story of my life.   Had to buy a late birthday gift for a kiddie party I wasn’t able to attend.  Needed to run to Target to pick up toiletries for our upcoming trip and finally needed to do some much needed food shopping.  And somewhere in between all of that had to make it to the movies because I had already purchased tickets to see Wonder Woman with the “Mini-me”.

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Big Girl Cycling in Harlem

I was invited to a friend’s birthday party this weekend and I immediately started going through my mental closet to see what I would be wearing.  I haven’t rocked heels in a while and I purchased a couple of hot ones recently so I was super excited to wear one of them!!!  Then I got more details and it turns out it was a cycling birthday party (insert rolling of the eyes here).  Like who in their right mind wants to celebrate their birthday like that!!!?  Well Ms. Leilei does:

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Rocking trends

Bare shoulder tops and dresses have been all the rage for a couple of summers so I was quite happy when I came across this soft denim top.  lt manages to have three current trends at once; bare shoulders, embroidery and bell sleeves and a bit of peplum (old trend that’s still current and gives us a bit of an hourglass silhouette) as well.  Since it already has all these trends then I would pair it with a solid color bottom or if you can find bottoms with a similar print as the appliques/embroidery go for it.  I chose white jeans because I knew what shoes I’d be wearing and I wanted to let the top and the shoes be the stars of the outfit.

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Turn the Dress Into a Top

Saw this cute “dress” on the Lane Bryant site and thought it was adorable.  Loved the embroidery on the front and thought it gave the sweatshirt,  which is normally sporty, dress a more feminine look and the model wearing it on the site was rocking the dress so I figured I would too.   I decided to size up just in case and envisioned all the different footwear I could wear with the dress.  What I didn’t consider was that although the model was very pretty and looked quite cute, her backside was not like mine, and by “like mine” I mean my butt is bigger.  Any slight movement, be it fixing my hair or trying to get something from the top shelf at the supermarket was going to lead to my butt being in full view.

But I like the dress so I was just going to have to wear it as a top.   I knew I wanted a sporty look for the day cause I was going to be running around so I added basic black leggings and sneakers.  Added my favorite camo jacket of the moment, super girly and chic with the very stylish appliques, cause there’s a little spring chill and a little bag to throw the essentials into (house and car keys, cell phone, credit card and cash).

Outfit Details:

Dress:  Here | Jacket: Here | Sneakers: Here | Bag (Same style different color): Here

Photographer: Alex Valentin



Pretty for Easter

When I was growing up little girls would wear the prettiest dresses on Easter Sunday.  Dresses with pretty florals, lace or ruffles and of course the cutest patten leather shoes.  Now that we’re older we don’t exactly want to dress like we did when we were 8, but we still would like to look just as girly and pretty.

I purchased this skirt because of its bold color and how full it is,  which makes me feel like I’m wearing a gown.  I wanted to continue the vibrancy of the skirt above so I wanted to pair it with a colorful top, but not one that would outshine the skirt this light blue top fit the bill perfectly.  The cinch at the waist goes well with the fullness of the skirt and gives a pretty silhouette.  And it just so happens that it matched perfectly with these super cute and super comfortable sandals.

Outfit Details:

  1. Top: Here | Skirt: Here | Sandals: Here

Photographer: Alex Valentin



Wide Feet Dilemmas No More

I’ve had the pleasure of having wide and flat feet for 40 plus years now and growing up with limited inventory of cute and stylish shoes that could fit me was rough!!!  My mother tried, but she didn’t have this thing called the internet back then, so it was pretty tough for her to find shoes for me.    As I got older I was able to navigate through stores and find out which designers suited me best, which ran a little wider so that if I went up a size or two I could be comfortable and cute and which were NOT going to work.

Luckily nowadays there are more designers dedicated to style us wide feet ladies with pretty and stylish  shoes.   Summer’s around the corner and I’m sharing with you guys some of my favs for this season.

Just a Little Blush

Me and pink were never really good friends, not even as a little girl.  Fast forward to me having a little girl who is obsessed with pink and I think she has slowly made me rethink the color, a little.   I won’t commit to all shades of pink yet, but I do like the shade of Blush.  It has just the right amount of pink without making me feel like I’m 5 years old and it just so happens to be on trend. Continue reading “Just a Little Blush”

The Clothes Don’t Wear Me

I wasn’t planning on blogging about this outfit today not because I don’t like it, but because I only picked it out because I hadn’t worn it yet and I felt it’s more of a Fall/Winter outfit that I can wear with stockings and booties and such.   Spring is approaching (supposedly, because it’s freezing today and we’re expecting a snowstorm tomorrow so go figure) and if not now I wouldn’t wear it until next year (I don’t do stockings in the Spring/Summer, EVER).

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Rolling with the Punches

On today’s blog I’m showing how to not give up on an item when it doesn’t turn out to be what you thought.  When I originally purchased the shirt I thought that it would have a more girly look to it, but after receiving it I realized it didn’t except for one patch, which had a bit of pink.  They call it a patch shirt, but it seemed more like a military shirt to me.  I like military, but that wasn’t what I “purchased”.  I still liked it so I decided to play around with it and try to dress it up just a little bit.

Worn unbuttoned I added a basic white tee.  Long or short sleeve tees are very versatile so you can use them to dress an outfit up or down.  What matters most is how it fits.  My look is casual chic and I wanted a bit of sexiness so it’s more fitted.  I added wide leg jeans and a pair of cute booties (I know you can’t really see them because of the length of the jeans, but they’re cute and comfy).  This outfit was super comfy and I felt totally cool, sexy and feminine in it.


Outfit Details:

Shirt:  JCP   l Jeans:  Melissa McCarthy  l  Boots: JCP