Buying Timeless Pieces vs Trends

We all fall victim to the latest trends at some point in our shopping lives (think back to acid wash jeans), but they come and go so quickly and then just sit in the back of our closet.  Whether we spend a lot or a little sometimes it’s just not worth the money to do so.   Unless of course you have an unlimited stream of disposable income, which I personally don’t.  So more often than not I like to buy pieces that I can wear for years to come and sprinkle a couple of trends throughout the seasons.

I purchased this Melissa McCarthy “leather” skirt last year.  The timeless A-line skirt is perfect to wear throughout the years.  It has a glossy faux-leather front and a stretchy panel in the back with an exposed zipper closure at the back waist.  With a split up the center for a flash of skin and side pockets (I love pockets) to boot.   Although the original price was $139.00 it was well worth the cost and it’s still up on the site, but now it’s a lot cheaper so if you like it, get it and I hope they have your size.   I’ve worn it to work, just for a day out or you can style like I’ve done for a night out on the town.

For this look I paired it with my Premme bodysuit from their debut line, which dropped summer of this year and I never got a chance to wear it until now, but bodysuits are usually very transitional articles of clothing and this one’s no different.  As you can see it has a very sexy peekaboo cleavage and a little shoulder action too.  Cute enough to wear with almost anything.  It’s not a crisp white color so don’t be alarmed when you receive it (like I was, lol).

Since it is fall I added this super cute faux leather biker jacket from City Chic, which happens to match perfectly with the skirt.  I like this jacket because instead of the typical silver or yellow gold tone zipper they’ve added rose gold accessories.  Biker jackets are also a win when shopping for pieces that are more than just a trend.  They rarely go out of style and you can wear it dressed up or dressed down.

Outfit Details:


My Favorite Fall Mattes



As far back as I can remember I’ve had an obsession with lipsticks especially mattes.  I remember being a freshman in high school and my mother finally allowing me to wear lipstick (she was a strict Dominican mother, still is, so I was a late bloomer).  Back then there weren’t too many brands that carried mattes so I would take my regular schmegular (in my Cardi B. voice) store brand lipsticks, who remembers Wet and Wild!?, and as the magazines instructed take some tissue paper and place it over my lips and dab some talcum powder over them.  After a while I became an expert and I didn’t have the powder residue all over my mouth.

Now that fall is here I’m sharing some of my favorite hues to rock this season.  Click on the item pictures to shop.

Stila’s “Beso” is my favorite red and I wear it year round. It’s an all day stay matte and it does go for quite a while.

Red never goes out of style, although some women are a bit hesitant to wear a bold red.  If that is the case then I would probably apply a thin layer first to test it out and see how you feel.


MAC’s “Carnivorous” is a deep red aka burgundy and it feels like you’re wearing nothing on your lips.

Burgundy hues make you feel and look very vixen like.  If you haven’t given this hue a try, DO IT (not trying to pressure you, well maybe a little bit).  Thing about them is that they can be messy to apply.  So my trick is to use a similar color lip pencil to not only line the lip, but shade in the lips so that you make less of a mess and also helps to make the lipstick stay on longer (good idea for any time you apply a matte).

Anastasia Beverly Hills “Spice” is a nice nude, which is great for those days when you don’t have time for precise application.

This Anastasia Beverly Hills is a nice nude for brown or dark skin ladies.  I’m always in search of a nude color, which can be somewhat difficult to find because what they sell as “nudes” doesn’t exactly look that way on us, but I like this one.

If you have any favorites for Fall please share with me and leave a  comment below.








Boot Season is Upon Us

Hello my fellow Phatties. We’re finally experiencing cooler fall temperatures and I’m so happy we can finally bring out the tall boots.
Growing up, it was always difficult trying to find fashionable knee high boots with these thick legs. I would look at the magazine articles talking about where to find knee-high and thigh-high boots and not one would be for us Phat Girls. Luckily we have more options now and we can rock some stylish boots and in most cases no need to spend that extra money at your favorite shoe repair to have them a)stretch them out or b)add that stretchy gore on the inside of the boot or even c)add that stretchy zipper so the zipper could go up. The things we have to do.

Below are some of my fave fall/winter boots.  Click on the picture to shop:


Lane Bryant:


Asos (Wide width, not wide calf):


Happy Shopping and drop a comment below…


Bare Shoulders for Fall

Hello my fellow Phatties. Last week I was perusing through the world wide web and I came across a really cute bare shoulders top and I was hesitant because I was like it’s fall, are we still doing the bare shoulders thing (insert thinking emoji here)? But I really liked it and I told myself that it’s good to follow trends, but not good to be a slave to them. And so I bought it.

I purchased the top from CityChicOnline. This top is meant to look faux layered and  I’m glad they did it because when I layer a button down top with a sweater it’s such a hassle. I end up tugging at the sleeves all day because the shirt keeps shifting under the sweater.

I paired it with this pencil skirt from Lane Bryant (purchased many moons ago), which used to fit me nice and snug so it seems like I’ve lost a couple pounds in my hips. I suggest wearing this top with a fitted bottom so if you don’t want to wear a pencil skirt or a skirt at all you can pair it with skinny jeans, leggings or ankle pants. To finish the look I opted for a these black suede kitten heel pumps from J. Crew.

Simple, yet cute outfit and I think I can get away with this look at work…

Outfit Details:

City Chic Top: Here

J. Crew Heels: Here

Hey There Fall, Finally?

Hello my loves!  Do you remember a few weeks back when I attended The Curvycon?  Part of the experience was shopping and they had quite a few vendors there, some of which I never shopped from before.  One of these vendors was Ellos, which is where I found this tunic top along with some other cute items at very reasonable prices.  I like this particular top because of the color pattern and its tie waist detail.  I can dress it up or down, wear it with a pencil skirt and pumps for the office or with some jeans and cute booties for a day out and about.  Be prepared for more outfit ideas/inspiration with this top because it’s super cute. Continue reading “Hey There Fall, Finally?”

Striped Jean Day

Yesterday I finally got a chance to wear these beauties that I found at Charlotte Russe .   I’m normally pretty boring with my jeans, I’ll wear a ripped one, but not heavy on designs like patches and such.  When I saw these with the red stripes I really thought they just looked so cute and not overdone.  I can dress them up or dress them down and they are so comfortable (aka I can breathe in them, lol).  They’re quite stretchy so I would suggest going down a size.  I thought I was going to wear them with some nice booties and a  biker jacket when I purchased them a couple weeks ago, but it was so warm today that I had to change up the outfit.   Continue reading “Striped Jean Day”

My first TheCurvycon Event – 2017

Hello Beautiful!  This past weekend TheCurvyCon rolled into town.  For those of you who may not have heard about it, it’s a two day event in NYC’s Metropolitan Pavilion West for the curvy/plus-sized woman.  It’s filled with many different activities like shopping while sipping on cocktails from the open bar, various panel discussions with plus sized bloggers, fashion designers, influencers and the likes and the chance to mingle and party with people who embrace curves and fashion. Continue reading “My first TheCurvycon Event – 2017”

Fall is in the Air

It’s still technically summer, but inevitably mother nature keeps pushing fall weather on us.  Morning temps are in the 60s and the highs barely reach 80, as of late (really August?!).  Although I want to hold on with both hands to summer, I don’t really enjoy being cold so I have to adapt to the current weather and go with the flow. Continue reading “Fall is in the Air”