Taking it from Day to Night

We all have those weekdays when we have an event to attend after work.  Be it a work affair, a date or just meeting up with friends.   We get super excited that we’re going to socialize after a long day at work and the possibility of unwinding, but then we’re hit with the inevitable question, “what am I going to wear”?   This is where the right accessories can come into play to take you from day to night.  It can change a boring outfit into a fun outfit.  I borrowed this Eloquii dress from Gwynnie bee and paired it with black sandals, which I purchased at JCP .  Although the dress is cute and perfect for a lunch date,  it needed more umph for an evening out.

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The Little Black Casual Dress

Here in the east coast, it feels like summer is ending sooner than normal.  Literally people leave their homes with a light jacket or a cardigan in the mornings.  This cooler weather has made me want to bring out all the outfits that I thought I would have more time to wear.  I purchased this particular little black dress from Old Navy back in April (unfortunately sold out, but I gave another option below) and loved the bare shoulders and the subtle embroidery on the hem.  Being that it’s black I kept waiting for less humid weather to wear it because the darker colors tend to attract more heat so now it’s perfect with our current weather.

Since this little black dress is so casual I wanted to continue the look with these leopard print slides from Steve Madden.  They are regular medium width so I had to size up and they fit perfectly.  If you have wide feet, like I do, I would recommend doing the same.

Mixing prints is very on trend and if you have yet to fully embrace this trend then why not start off with small things.  In my case I paired this outfit with a multi-color striped clutch, that I’ve had for years (always try to shop your closet; we have so many hidden gems), with a bold color-block of green.  I didn’t want my outfit to be too subdued and the clutch did the trick by giving it just enough of a pop of color (matched my J. Crew necklace in the process) and at the same time ever so slightly mixing up some prints.
Let me know what you think and what are some other ways that you would mix up prints.

Photographer: Alex Valentin

Outfit Details: Similar Dress Here     Steve Madden

Summer Date Night

As some of us single women know, the dating scene is difficult these days, especially in the winter.  I mean let’s face it if you live somewhere that gets hit with all four seasons, when winter comes around 80% of the time we’re bundled up to our eyes and laser focused on getting anywhere warm.  Who has the time to even attempt to flirt, let alone go on a date.  I don’t even want to leave the house (I do, but I don’t want to) at all.

But when summer rolls around I get excited.  I want to meet new people, hang out with my girls, take my daughter out to the park or the beach and somewhere in between that hopefully bat my eyelashes at a cute guy so that he can wine and dine me.  Dating in the summer also allows you to wear the flirty summer dresses, the arms out, the tight jeans with the “wife beater” or even a pair of dressy shorts.

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Casual Friday

If you’re like me and have a regular 9 to 5 job you know we look forward to those Casual Fridays ( to be honest, I try to sneak in some casual Mondays and Tuesdays too – Don’t judge me).  My office, unfortunately, has those pesky rules; no denim, no sleeveless tops, no sneakers, no leggings and lastly no sweatpants.  I’m like so what’s the point of casual if you want to exclude all the casual out of it, so here’s some of what I do when I want to break the rules.  It’s quite simple all you have to do is master the art of camouflage.

Denim:  Buy color jeans.  It’s pretty hard to tell that they’re denim when you wear color jeans.  Just try to stick to more subdued colors other than that they would have to touch you to test that they are jeans.  I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules .  I also wear denim dress pants usually with a long top to hide those tabs that some of them have.

Leggings/Tights: Normally I wear them in the fall makes it a little easier.  Make sure you wear a  solid color, designs are a definite giveaway.  Add a tunic top and cinch it with a belt if you like and preferably wear some knee high boots.  Kinda  hard to tell that you’re wearing them.

Sweatpants:  Thankfully, as of late, designers have decided to make sweatsuits more fashionable.  Adding zippers, pearls, making them less baggy even ankle cuts, etc.  Now I wouldn’t say wear the entire sweatsuit, but the pants we can work with.  Add a button down dress blouse and some cute pumps or flats and they may look more like some relaxed pants.  Also, try to stick to colors like navy or blue.  I wouldn’t do grey.

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“Girl’s Trip” – Girl’s Night Out

“Girl’s Trip” the movie came out in theaters this Friday, July 21, 2017 and my girls and I decided to make a night of it.  Our girl’s night started out with dinner and drinks at a little Mexican restaurant called Cantina Taqueria in Harlem.  Cute little spot for tacos and not too pricey.  After that we headed downtown to Fulton Street to the Ipic movie theater.  This was my first time at what I like to call, the alcoholic theater, but definitely not the last.  See the beauty of this place is that you get to have drinks while you watch whatever movie you choose.  You can either get up and get the drinks yourself or for an additional fee, VIP service, they can take your orders for both food and drinks at your seats.  If you don’t want to eat at your seats then find your way upstairs to The Tuck Room Restaurant where they also had a pretty cool DJ before or after your movie. Continue reading ““Girl’s Trip” – Girl’s Night Out”

Summer Sundays Were Made For Brunch


Sunday Brunch is the best time to catch up with your girlfriends, especially in the summer.  Being home all winter hiding out like a hermit makes you run out anywhere as soon as the weather changes.  But that weather change also means that sometimes you just don’t want to wear shapewear when it’s hot outside.  All I wanted to do today was put on some cute clothes, catch up with my girls, eat some good food and keep those unlimited mimosas coming.

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BBQ Ready and Comfy

Memorial Day is usually the official start of the BBQ season, but unfortunately NYC weather hadn’t been cooperating with us so there weren’t too many invitations for the month of June and I was on vacation for half of the month.  Fast forward to yesterday, July 4th (Independence Day) and almost everyone knew someone who was either having or attending a BBQ with family and friends.  As for any event I attend my biggest concern is what can I wear that’s both stylish and comfortable.   If I’m uncomfortable then I won’t be able to truly enjoy myself.  I would be too busy trying to think of an excuse to leave the event.

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2017 Plus Size Vacation

Every year I like to go on an extended plus size vacation (extended meaning more than five days away from home), preferably to places with a hot climate.  We usually go in June because of my little mama’s birthday.  Last year we visited Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and prior year was Riviera Maya, Mexico there was Orlando, Florida for Disney World of course and so forth.  This year we decided to visit our second home, which is the Dominican Republic.  It had been 5 years since last we visited, but it felt like the first time.  We visited many places that we hadn’t been to before and saw more sides of its beauty.  If you’ve never been make that your next spot when you travel.

This year’s trip also brought about a certain confidence where I didn’t really pay attention to how others may have looked at me.  I’d always considered myself to be confident, but I was always aware of the looks on all my prior plus size vacations.  This time I couldn’t tell you if I was stared at, nor did I care.  I was there to have fun and celebrate my baby’s 10th birthday.  And I had some hot swimsuits I needed to don.  As it is traveling while plus size can be very daunting, but traveling while plus size and confident allows you to truly enjoy the moments.  Not caring about how others may look at you is a truly freeing experience while plus size vacationing.  I owe this new found sense of confidence to the feedback that I’ve been receiving since I started this blog and I hope that in return I’m giving you, the readers, the same confidence to go out there and just live your life without worrying about others.

Below are three of the swimsuits that I wore on my plus size vacation.

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Running Errands While Cute and Comfy

Running errands while cute and comfy don’t always go hand in hand.  At least not for me since I always prefer comfy over cute any day.  Thankfully, yesterday was a pretty nice day in NYC and I was able to get it all done.  I had to get to the post office and to a UPS store to both return and pick up packages, story of my life.   Had to buy a late birthday gift for a kiddie party I wasn’t able to attend.  Needed to run to Target to pick up toiletries for our upcoming trip and finally needed to do some much needed food shopping.  And somewhere in between all of that had to make it to the movies because I had already purchased tickets to see Wonder Woman with the “Mini-me”.

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Big Girl Cycling in Harlem

I was invited to a friend’s birthday party this weekend and I immediately started going through my mental closet to see what I would be wearing.  I haven’t rocked heels in a while and I purchased a couple of hot ones recently so I was super excited to wear one of them!!!  Then I got more details and it turns out it was a cycling birthday party (insert rolling of the eyes here).  Like who in their right mind wants to celebrate their birthday like that!!!?  Well Ms. Leilei does:

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